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Dentistry In Bergen County New Jersey At Bogota Dental Center

Low cost root canals, dental implants & Invisalign clear braces

Bogota Dentistry of New Jersey provides the best low cost dental care for patients needing general care and cosmetic dentistry. Patients can receive great dental care at affordable prices. New patients are always welcomed at Bogota Dentistry.

New Patients

New patients needing the best in low cost dental care can turn to Dr. Sherzoy and the dental staff at Bogota Dentistry. Healthy and attractive smiles are important to your health and self esteem. Dr. Sherzoy and his staff can make sure you look and feel great. They use state of the art dentistry practices and the best equipment to treat all patients. The CAESY computer provides a perfect 3-D explanation of treatment and test results. New patients can benefit greatly from a free consultation. During the consultation they can experience for themselves what Bogota Dentistry can do for their smile. When was the last time you felt confident in your smile? If it has been a while, schedule a new patient exam with Bogota Dentistry.

New patients receive a complete examination, consultation, x-rays and cleaning. During the consultation, new patients have the opportunity to get to know Dr. Sherzoy and his staff. Experience quality, low cost dental care that can boost your confidence and give you the smile you have always wanted.


Dr. Sherzoy and his staff at Bogota Dentistry use new, modern dental equipment to treat all their patients. One of the most unique pieces of equipment is the Intra-oral camera. The Intra-oral camera is the best high tech dental camera that allows dentist to see tooth and gum issues that would normally be unseen. Traditional dental mirrors do not always highlight the trouble spots of the oral cavities. The Intra-oral camera can view even the deepest, smallest crevices. New patients undergo a gum disease screening, oral cancer screening, bite analysis, color evaluation and a jaw joint exam during their first visit. Dr. Sherzoy provides each patient with a 3-D print out and explanation of their treatment. 3-D results are produced by the CAESY computerized oral monitor.

Other Services

Bogota Dentistry offers complete general practice and cosmetic dentistry. Patients can turn to Dr. Sherzoy and his team for low cost dental treatment including Invisalign braces, teeth whitening, orthodontic care, crowns, bridges, implants and more. Maintaining a healthy smile means taking preventative measures to keep teeth and gums healthy. Bogota Dentistry can provide patients with the general care and cosmetic dentistry services needed to restore and maintain healthy smiles. Patients receiving treatment can apply for low cost dental financing. Bogota Dentistry offers affordable financing through Care Credit, Citi Health, MedChoice and Springstone Financial. Financing plans are available for patients with a wide range of credit history. There are no fees to apply and no prepayment penalties for patients needing low cost dental financing.  

Edgewater Fire Relief Effort

Donation Drop Off Location

Our hearts and prayers go out to our neighbors in Edgewater who were displaced by the  catastrophic fire that destroyed the Avalon condo complex last night. We have just dropped off a truckload of Toys, Childrens, Men's Clothing, Strollers and Temporary Cribs to a donations drop off Located at Friedburg Reality - 610 E. Pallisades Ave. Englewood Cliffs NJ 07632. This Drop off location is legitimate and is easier to get to than trying to get into Edgewater. We have learned that they are in need of Children's Toys, Toiletries and Gift Cards. We asking anyone in Hackensack, Englewood, Ridgefield Park, Fort Lee and Teaneck to join this worthy cause.

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