Dental Implants, are you a candidate?

What are dental implants?


Here at Bogota Dental Center (a dentist near you) dental implants are created to replace the natural root of the tooth. This is done in a series of steps. The implant is an aluminum rod that gets fused to the bone in your mouth making it a permanent solution.


When would an implant be needed? 


The main cause for an implant is when there are missing teeth. This is usually caused by Periodontal disease or decay, patients who had an accident and lost the tooth at the root or had irreparable damage and also for children who were born without teeth.  


Am I a candidate for dental implants? 


Our Dentists here at Bogota Dental Center will give you a risk-free assessment to figure out if you are a good candidate for Dental Implants. Some crucial factors are that your gums and teeth should be healthy, your bone density needs to be strong to offer good support for the implants to hold and having a good oral hygiene regiment. Dental implants can take up to 12 months to be completed due to the mouth needing to heal in between stages, so having patience with the process is also an important factor in whether a dental implant is right for you. 


Some benefits of choosing implants are function, comfort and appearance.  Functionally, they are low maintenance and feel as though you have real teeth in your mouth at all times, especially when you are chewing and brushing your teeth  which makes them extremely Comfortable.. This option is also the solution that looks most natural when finding a solution to replacing missing teeth as opposed to using dentures or dental bridges.


What are the steps involved? 


First, our dentists here at Bogota dental Center, Doctor Vossughi, Doctor Pole and Doctor Sherzoy will need to identify why your teeth are missing.  

Once confirmed you are a dental implant candidate, the implant procedure will take place in three steps. 

First will be the placement of the implant. Then about 4 months later after the gums have had a chance to heal there would be the attaching of the abutment and then the fitting the crown.


This can seem like an overwhelming process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Here at Bogota Dental Center we are patient, gentle and experienced doctors that will walk you through your questions step by step.


Doctor Vossughi, Doctor Pole and Doctor Sherzoy, here at Bogota Dental Center look forward to being a part of your oral health plan and stand alongside you for the entirety of the process to monitor your dental health for years to come.  Call us today for a risk-free assessment of your mouth and we will keep you smiling confidently and bright in no time! 


We are in two locations for your convenience, 

Bogota Dental Center, Totowa, NJ 

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Bogota Dental Center, Bogota, NJ 

Phone (appointments): 201-343-6770 | Address: 85 East Main Street, Bogota, NJ 07603 



All of us here at Bogota Dental Center 



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